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Arcadia is an ongoing series of color pinhole images of the landscapes and inhabitants of temporary summer communities that coalesce seasonally in New England. From the informal clutter of cottage enclaves to the surfcasting fishermen in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Arcadia is a lyrical response to these unique groups and how they visually manifest themselves in the landscape.

Arcadia is invested in how people of similar interests come together to make a community, how it is maintained, how it changes over time and how they become part of the landscape.  There is something idyllic and ephemeral that people are enacting in the places of Arcadia, something that involves fundamental interactions with nature and each other. These communal activities are rooted in regional cultural history and informed by the Transcendentalist movement, the writings of Emerson and Thoreau, nineteenth century landscape painting and aesthetics of the sublime.

Arcadia is a project of the collaborative Farnell & Powell. Artists Cynthia Farnell and Dan Powell collaborate on photographic projects that are thematically centered on community, identity and place in contemporary life. 

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